What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

October 8, 2020

The ultimate question….”What do I wear to my engagement session?”

I get these questions A LOT and I am so thankful that I do. If I can help make your session dreams come to reality, I will because I have done 300 engagements to know what works and what does not….and you haven’t…I hope

  1. Something you can move in!

It is no secret that we will be walking, but we may add in a little twirl, maybe a lift and you do not want to feel confined in your clothes.

2. When in doubt, wear something flowy!

I am OBSESSED with flowy dresses and skirts at an engagement session!!! There is nothing like your dress moving in a picture. It adds emotion, and movement. *smiles just thinking about it*

3. For all of my engagement sessions, I let you have an outfit change. Most of my couples will do a more casual look and then a dressy style.

  • Casual outfits are perfect for holiday cards, pictures with your dog (or any furry friend), social media, and more. It shows your style and personality which is your best quality!!
  • Dressy looks are perfect for those framed photos in your home, twirling, and dressing up just makes you feel FIRE! When I say dressy, I mean a suit, heels, cocktail dress, and the accessories to match. This is my personal favorite look as it is not your everyday wear, so you already feel more beautiful before I even take out my camera. I always tell my couples to get dressed up in cocktail attire and then treat yourselves to a steak dinner to celebrate this milestone.


I am a mega-fan of a neutral. I think it compliments any background and any environment. I also believe that neutrals are timeless. For instance, right now, bright floral long dresses are in style, but in 20 years will they be? Do not get me wrong, if you come in a floral flowy dress I will be in LOVE, it is just something to consider. For example, maybe a neutral colored dress with flowers is timeless, but maybe leave the hot pink at home. Solids are also timeless. So, maybe you have a solid yellow dress you have been dying to wear, that’s perfect. Match it with some statement earrings and heels and we’re ready to shoot. The same thing goes for men. Solid button downs tend to photograph better than patterned.

When you look back at your parent’s wedding albums or even prom, do you look at the big 80’s puffy shoulder pads and go YESSSS….some of you might say yes (right on, girl!). I personally think it should stay in the ’80s and there is a reason why it did stay there. Your clothes are an expression of you, we should be looking at you in the images, not looking at the clothes and then at you.

5. Make it YOU! If you take anything away from this journal entry, it is this. Photos are a representation of a moment in time. If you are not a couple that likes to wear dresses or jeans, then don’t wear it. The above are simply suggestions for the session and what I have seen work the best. It is totally ok to try something new, but make it YOU!

xo, erica

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