4 Easy Groom Pictures

August 10, 2020

Unless you are one of the lucky ones, most men prefer to have limited photos taken at the wedding. He would much rather be drinking, dancing, and socializing. When I ask clients on the pre wedding consult if they want getting ready photos of the groom. Most say “no, we’re good on that”. However, I have come to realize that it is SO crucial to telling the full circle of the day. Was he hanging out in the hotel room watching sports? Was he having an early morning screw driver with the groomsmen?

As a photographer it is so important to capture these life moments. You may not think it at the time, but those are the photos you look back at and remember what you all were joking about or what game was playing.

If I only had 5 minutes with the groom, here are some poses we could knock right out!

That “quick, give me a pose” pose. In 2 minutes, we can turn this pose into 10 images…easy. He looks and feels like Mr. GQ and you now have you Man Crush Monday post. This is also moms favorite one….don’t believe me, just watch.

When I (or my second photographer) am with the groom, I want him to feel like it’s not a production. He’s just fixing his tie, putting on his shoes, and adjusting his boutonnière. Sometimes I will add in a groomsmen to help him

This is one of my favorites and his too. All he has to do is sit court side at a basketball game. It amazed me the first time I said “sit down like you are sitting court side at the Wizards game” and he did EXACTLY what I said. My face was the emoji with the wide eyes and completely open mouth haha.

And finally, when in doubt, add a groomsmen. This is perfect for those grooms that may be a little shy or have a tight knit group of friends. He will LOVE the pictures with his friends over any other from this part of the day.

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